“Overbearing bureaucracy and aversion to risk in the public sector stifles innovation and reduces impact. Paying the biggest price are those we purport to help”

My Story

I have worked in the UK public sector all my adult life and enjoyed a successful career at senior level. I know there is a tremendous store of talent in the public sector, however, it is too often suppressed by inert processes and a failure of imagination.
“It doesn’t have to be this way! There are better ways to organise public services that increase efficiency, lower cost and achieve greater social impact”

Frustrated by the command and control environment of the public sector, I founded and led an independent social enterprise supporting vulnerable young people. It combined social value creation with a commercial underpinning. I implemented a high trust model of employee engagement designed to bring the best out of staff. (link below for information)

“By giving staff autonomy, freedom and the skills to do the job, you can create the conditions that allow talent and innovation to flourish”
While creating my own social enterprise, I learnt a tremendous amount from successful social entrepreneurs. I now want to pass on this knowledge to aspiring social enterprise leaders. Leaders like you.

“Once you have started on this path, I guarantee you will say, I wish I had done this sooner and I will never go back”