My Offer To You


As a member of a consortium of social enterprise leaders I have supported organisations with:

  • Developing your social enterprise idea - creating a business case designed to persuade stakeholders
  • Turning ideas into reality - developing your vision and strategy and implementing a business plan
  • Bringing in the money - creating a business development strategy to sustain your organisation
  • Running your social enterprise day to day - effective governance, business processes, legal compliance and managing finance
  • Getting the right people in place - creating the conditions for staff to thrive and talent to grow


As a member of a consortium appointed by UK Government to support the development of public sector social enterprise I have coached:

  • Aspiring social entrepreneurs setting out on a journey of change
  • Established social entrepreneurs aiming to enhance leadership skills and reset organisational strategy

I create a trusting environment allowing you to explore and develop your ideas and set and achieve your goals.


I have been trained as a facilitator by Happy Ltd , a cutting edge management training organisation emphasising that high staff performance comes from creating trust and clarity of purpose. In 2019, I was appointed by Happy Ltd to as a training associate for their management development programme. This encompasses:

  • Developing you as a leader
  • Creating the conditions for innovation and creativity to thrive
  • Establishing a framework for you and your team to succeed
  • Presentation and communication skills - how to craft your message for clarity and impact

In order to develop insight and behaviour change, I believe training must be experiential. I deliver lively, engaging and interactive training sessions designed to ensure effective learning.